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Tanzania & Kenya leads in East Africa’s top ten songs in 2019 (Bongo & Gengetone)

Artist: Harmonize

The music arts industry has witnessed dramatic changes in 2019.

One of the biggest announcements this year is that artist Harmonize ventures out of the Wasp Group with the new Gengetone style shaking in Kenya.

In spite of all of this, artists from East and Central African countries have endeavored to entertain fans with a lively dance.

But which songs really rocked the music charts this year?

Fellow Roncliffe Odit reviews 10 songs, which, in his view, were the biggest of this year in 2019.

Here are the best top 5 Bongo Flava Songs in 2019.

  1. Diamond Platnumz – Baba Lao
  2. Harmonize – Uno
  3. Alikiba – Mushumaa
  4. Mbosso – Tamu
  5. Nandy ft Willy Paul – Hallelujah

Here are the best top 5 Kenyan Songs in 2019.

  1. Sailors Gang – Wamlambez
  2. Masauti – Kiboko
  3. King Kaka – Wajinga Nyinyi
  4. Sauti Soul Ft Bensoul – Extravaganza
  5. Susumila Ft. Lava Lava – Warembo
A group of Sailors musicians sing the song Mambambez

The cries, of the Sailors group from Kenya tops my chart in tenth place.

These young people from the Kayole Boutique in Nairobi have changed their new generation music policy.

Their song ‘Wamlambez‘ is like a national anthem, leading to the birth of Gengetone’s new Kenyan rhythm, the Wamlambez…

In ninth place, I place Halleluyah Willy Paul’s collaboration with the beautiful daughter, Bongo Flava’s queen, Nandy.

The wonderful sweetness in this song you don’t know put on the table for gospel or entertainment songs only.

Nandy, a Tanzanian musician

But the fact is that Willy Pozee’s genius in playing the lines has no precedent for it.

Then if you add the beauty of Nandy’s voice, ah, let me say it a lot, Halleluyah…

In eighth place, Never Give Up has Harmonize talking about her troubled medieval life, before becoming an artist.

This was his last hit song before he left the Saints label to create his own Konde Gang label. As a matter of fact, Never Give Up…

Let’s go back to Kenya in seventh place, Voice Sol’s Extravaganza featuring Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige and the Northern group, all of which are artists under their new label Sol Generation.

The combination of sweet vocals, and the incredible beat of musical instruments in this song gives you a unique sweetness, namely Extravaganza.

Tanzania musician Alikiba

In sixth place I will give Mushumaa by Alikiba.

This song was released just a month ago. It is his most recent single, having performed several collabs to inform registered artists with his Kings Music Records label.

“Mushumaa” is a song that brings us back to King Kiba’s memory as we know him. Melody sweet with heavy lines, weeee, lit Candle…

The fifth place is left in Tanzania, with the song by His Excellency Mbosso Khan, the artist of the Wasafi group.

I don’t have much to say about Mbosso, but this young man is blessed with ripe verses, sweet voice, and high poetry. Or it’s actually Sweet.

In fourth place I remain within the group of Saints and Rayvanny’s new song I Love You.

This artist of the Saints group has played the lines, leaving a very pure melody full of unique poems.

The slow-paced rhythm goes in stark contrast to the old Rayvanny we have known for his breakthroughs and similar movements to hip hop.

Even I tell the reader I Love You … Now let’s turn to the three biggest songs in East and Central Africa. Third place goes to Uganda with the song Parte After Parte in his Big Tril.

When I first performed, this song sounded like a game. But in the four months since its release, it has become the biggest song ever to come.

His club mix combined with the festive mood accompanying the song has created a mix that everyone is currently playing. Parte After Parte…

The number two song in East and Central Africa is his Bongo Flava musician Diamond Platinumz, Inama, who has joined Fally Ipupa.

This song was released in June of this year. His rhythm and clean video of the Dirty Dancers led by Mose Iybo make this dance lively and provides the purest entertainment.

That is, do not say too much, you

Bongo Flava musician Diamond Platinumz

And finally the number one song, the biggest song in East and Central Africa…

“Yope Remix” is ​​a song by renowned artist Innocent Balume of the famous Innoss B, who is a singer and dancer from Goma, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the remix of his song Yope, Innoss B has teamed up with Diamond and brought the sweetness of DRC’s waistband with a sweet Bongo Flava melody.

Just three months since the release of the song, it has been viewed over 41 million times on Youtube. Yope Remix is ​​my choice…


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