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Diamond Platnumz Words After Called By The President Magufuli at his Show in Kigoma


The great music artist of Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz has thanked the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr John Maguli for caring for his citizens, especially the young and the talented.

Diamond said this was followed by a phone call from President Magufuli last night as he performed at the festival to mark the 10th anniversary of his music career.

He has said in spite of the many responsibilities and responsibilities he has held but he has taken time to focus on his vision, which makes him the most unique president in the history of Tanzanian presidents.

Through her Instagram page, Diamond has written: It was an absolute honor and great honor to receive a call from our President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, congratulating me on my work ethic while I was performing yesterday on my Home coming show in KIGOMA.

Singer Diamond Platnumz at Kigoma

“Words simply describes how grateful & blessed I am for that Mr. President… .Thank you for being a great example and phenomenal Leader.

“It is very rare to find a president who can care for his countrymen, care for the young, and especially the caring.

The president who despite the many responsibilities he has but set aside time to watch your show, if not enough, in the middle of the show called you over the phone to congratulate you on the work you do. ” “But also to greet and congratulate the people who attended the show.

It is something unique and it requires a president with a very unique spirit, a non-greedy and passionate president for the country and its people.

Thank you very much Mr President. I will always be dedicated and fight for our art so that it can bring praise and honor to the country but also create more jobs for our young people. ”



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