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US White House has confirmed Qasim al-Raymi’s death


The United States has killed Al-Qaeda leader in the Arabian Peninsula, President Donald Trump has said.

Qasim al-Raymi who led the jihad group since 2015, was killed during a US military operation in Yemen, the US White House said.

The Jihadist militant leader has been linked to a series of attacks against Western interests in the 2000s.

He took over leadership after his predecessor was killed in an attack by non-US airlines.

The AQAP group was formed in 2009 from two Al-Qaeda subsidiaries in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, with the intention of overthrowing US-backed governments and removing Western influence from the region.

Rumors about al-Raymi’s death for the US attack began circulating in late January.

In response the group issued an audio message featuring al-Raymi on February 2 stating that they were the ones who carried out the shooting at an American juvenile detention camp in Pensacola, Florida.

The attack took place in December, and the message may have been recorded earlier. A statement from the White House has now confirmed al-Raymi’s death but did not say when.

” His death continues to undermine the AQAP and al-Qaida’s activities, and keeps us closer to eliminating threats to these groups that endanger national security, ” the statement read.

” In the United States, our interests and our allies are safe from his death ”.

Credit: Bbc

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