The Groom Whipped By His Wife To Hide Under The Bus On Her Wedding Day

The bridegroom was silenced at his wedding by a crowd that had grown up and after his first wife arrived at the wedding to inform the Bridegroom that the man he was marrying had married more than one wife and that he had two wives.

Asif Rafiq Siddiqi, who was described as a bearded man for more than 30 years, was pushed and clapped by the crowd until his shirt was torn during the riots after it was revealed that he had two sons.

The bride was forced to hide under a bus and was later rescued by unknown people.

Marrying more than one wife is legal in Pakistan. However, although a man may marry up to four wives, he must obtain the consent of his first wife before remarriage.

It was found that Mr Siddiqi had failed to fulfill it, and the Bride and his family became aware of his previous marriage when the first wife came to a wedding reception taking place in the coastal city of Karachi where the festivities grew heated.

“What’s the matter, sister?” one of the bride’s brothers was heard posing in a video of the incident distributed on social networks.

The woman, Madiha Siddiqi, lost no time in explaining what brought her to the theater.

“It is my husband, he is the father of this child. He told me he was going to Hyderabad for three days,” said the woman who grew up holding the youngest son he claimed was their baby.

The family then tried to take him to a corner room, which gave him the opportunity to name the people he claimed were his relatives.

“This is my mother-in-law and that is my jethane [wifi], who said that her mother had been sick for three days and had been put on a drip,” BIi Siddqi went straight to the bride (new wife) and told her not to think she was the first wife “Didn’t you know he grew up being my husband? He didn’t even think about this innocent kid.”

However, it did not end there: Ms. Siddiqi said she was married to the Bridegroom in 2016, after meeting her at the Federal Urdu University, where Mr. Siddiqi is working. He then revealed that he secretly married a second wife, named Zehra Ashraf, who is a lecturer at the Jinnah University of Women in Karachi, in 2018.

First Mrs. Siddiqi knew about the marriage and found out through a message she had received from her husband’s new wife. Siddiqi said that Mr Siddiqi initially denied he had a new wife, but later admitted he had married a second wife.

It turned out it was Mrs. Ashraf who also informed Ms. Siddiqi about the recent wedding.

It is not yet clear what happened next. However police called on the scene have told the BBC that Bride’s relatives attacked and beat Asif, broke his forehead and beat him with all kinds of strokes. The officers rescued Mr Saddiqi, and took him to a nearby police station — but the Bride’s brothers followed him and waited for him to appear.

When he appeared again they attacked him and forced him to rush under the bus. In the video of the incident, voices were heard threatening her to ‘get out from under the bus or burn’ ‘.

In a panic, he replied aloud saying “wait a minute, one minute”, while waiting to crawl out from under the bus. When he left some people intervened to prevent the riot. The BBC tried to contact Mr Siddiqi and his wife’s new brother for their statements, but were not found. Credit: Bbc

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