Turkey’s Presidential Warning to the Syrian Government

Turkey’s president has warned the Syrian government that it will pay a heavy price for attacks against its troops in the northeastern region of Syria.

Five Turkish soldiers were killed in the opposition-controlled city of Idlib on Monday as the Syrian army continues to advance in the war zone.

Turkey’s military has fired several missiles in response to the attack, but president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: We will continue the attack.

At the same time the Syrian army was about to liberate the road in the northern part of the nation.

A UK-based human rights organization SOHR reported on Tuesday that Syrian troops evacuated rebels and jihadists from the last area they controlled west of the city of Aleppo.

However there was no confirmation from the army or government media and that there was a riot in several parts of the highway on Tuesday evening.

The government has not succeeded in controlling the entire area of ​​the road, which links Aleppo to the capital Damscus off the border with the nation of Jordan since 2012.


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