Companies Hacking After Corona Virus Comes In

Not all companies have suffered losses following the spread of the corona virus worldwide and the decline in shares in many markets in the world in recent days.

There are companies that due to the nature of their business – have increased revenue in the short term.

And the estimate is that if such viruses continue to increase, the companies can boost their sales and the value of their shares in stock markets. Among them, are companies that make vaccines. detergent and soap. And within those groups the pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are trying to develop vaccines against the virus have doubled.

The business of pharmaceutical companies such as Inovio increased after it announced that it would begin testing its vaccine in humans next month in the United States. Its value has doubled. Other competitors are Moderna, Novavax, Gilead, AIM ImmunoTech and Vir Biotechnology companies.

But there are other companies that have benefited from the virus outbreak, though not directly, such as those that have been involved in providing conference venues, online education and entertainment, since some countries such as Japan and Italy close schools while some companies like such as Google and Twitter, calling on their employees to work from home.

In various other parts of the world, people have decided not to visit the most populated areas as the number of cases of infection has reached 90,000 worldwide and the death toll at 3,000.

Even companies benefiting from this health crisis face challenges as the disease continues to affect humans.

The Bank of America was not spared such challenges as it was forced to reduce interest rates by half on Tuesday.

To cover the following Health controversy are some of the companies that have benefited the most.

Inovio: Its business value has doubled since the explosion began. Its INO-4800 vaccine, was developed using viral genes rather than standard methods that work based on experimental and inactive viruses. Modern:

Its shares rose 42 percent when the company announced that it had sent experimental vaccines against corona virus to a national institute on fencing and infectious diseases in the United States for testing in humans. Novavax: When he announced about the steps taken in his vaccine research a few weeks ago the company’s stock was up 20 percent.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: If a company dedicated to seeking treatment for corona virus, it is one of the Wall Street S&P 500 Index companies whose stock prices jumped 10 percent last week.

Top Glove: The world’s largest glove manufacturer.

K12: They are experts in online education for children. Last week the value of its stock rose 19 percent.

Zoom Video: Provides video conferencing services to companies.

Teladoc: Its main service is to connect patients and doctors via the Internet. Its shares rose 10 percent last week and 50 percent this year.

Netflix: Although the company’s stock has soared in recent times, this year it’s up 15 percent. Amazon: Although its stock has depreciated in recent days, its decline is relatively small compared to the rest of the market.

Youtube: It hasn’t been a good business to cover the corona virus outbreak, but Alphabet’s company is doing well. For those who want to stay at home companies such as Facebook, video game company Activision Blizzard, Peloton a gym equipment and food company along with Netflix and Amazon. In a report, the investment company says it is pursuing products or companies that could benefit if humans were excluded.

USB Global Wealth Management analysts said that companies dedicated to selling food could gain a growing customer base at a time when people would not want to move away

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