Congo Fasting City For Three Weeks, Citizens Complain And Give Out Of Heart


The Democratic Republic of Congo has announced a total shutdown of the capital Kinshasa for three weeks to prevent corona virus transmission.

The DRC confirmed that there were 54 patients in Kinshasa and placed 2,000 people in quarantine who were related to the covid-19 patients.

The city of Kinshasa will be officially closed on Saturday where no one will be allowed to go out for more than two days a week to buy essential food items.

During the time the city will be closed, few public servants will be allowed to work for special duties and health care workers will continue to work.

In addition, traders have been warned not to raise the cost of items at this time which is not favorable.

At the same time the citizens themselves have been seen to complain of the action the government has taken on the condition of the lives of many who depend on incomes of one dollar or less.

They say the fear of the move comes at a time when the economic situation in the nation is poor.

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