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Kenya’s Corona Visas Up to 15, Stricter Laws, Closed Churches, Mosques, Funerals Attended 15


Kenya has registered eight more cases of crown virus infection and has delivered a total of 15 confirmed cases in Kenya.

Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe said among the eight there were 5 Kenyans and 3 foreign nationals and all came from the country.

He said they were already separated and their situation was stable except for one French citizen who had been excluding from the Msambweni area.

Health officials are continuing the search for approximately 300 people close to the eight.

In light of this, the Kenyan government has banned all international flights arriving on Wednesday.

Only luggage will be allowed in the country. The minister says only Kenyan citizens and those who have a residence permit in Kenya will be allowed to come into the country until Wednesday.

Any Kenyan who has not returned to the country by that day will have to stay where he is.

According to a government decree anyone arriving in the country will be required to spend 14 days at their own expense.

The government has also stated that anyone who resists the separation order will be forced to do so and taken to court after that time.

Meanwhile the Kenyan government has announced the immediate closure of all churches and mosques in the country and anyone who violates this directive will be arrested and taken legal action.

The government has also ordered the closure of all the bars in the country, in turn.

The hotels will continue to serve but have been ordered to pack food for customers in the old homes. Kagwe has also banned public gatherings anywhere on the road or in the street.

Permanent Secretary of Internal Security Karanja Kibichu has instructed administration officials to ensure that all the conditions provided by the government are implemented without hesitation.

He said Chiefs and their deputies should ensure that all places of worship are not open.

In the new terms the burial will also be attended by members of the deceased’s family only and shall not exceed 15 persons.

Minister Kagwe has warned youngsters returning to the country from approaching their aged parents within 14 days saying that Corona virus is having a serious impact on senior citizens.

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