Taarifa Ya Ajuza Aliyepona Corona Bila Kutumia Dawa Yaleta Matumaini


However hope among some patients has been able to revive despair.
The case is reported in the case of Alma Clara Corsini, a 95-year-old midwife who survived a stroke following a stroke on March 5 at a hospital in Modena in northern Italy.

According to one local newspaper La Gazzetta di Modena, Corsini’s health has improved since he left the hospital and that he has already returned to his old home in the Fanano municipality in Modena province.

” Yes ​​I’m safe. They are nice people who treated me well and are already sending me home ”, Corsini told La Gazzetta di Modena in reference to the care she received at the hospital.

The newspaper also noted how experts said that Corsini had recovered without using antiretroviral drugs given to patients to help them cope with the infection.

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