CORONA: A Nutrition System That Will Add to the Immune System to Fight Disease

First, a high intake of certain nutrients strengthens the immune system, while a low intake weakens the immune system and causes infection.

A healthy immune system can help fight the virus, and it can also help some patients recover faster.

Supplements that can boost the immune system include zinc, Selenium, iron and vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6 in addition to foods such as goji berry, broccoli, green tea, and yellow.

Vegetables and fruits such as mangoes, pineapple and herbs are important in strengthening the immune system.
Some doctors say that fruits such as citrus contain a lot of vitamin C which is able to fight infections.

Some of these nutrients help prevent inflammation through the amount and tissue damage caused by the virus that can lead to lung injuries and even death.
It’s too early to know which combination of supplements is best for covid-19.

Mixed fruit juice
Mixed fruit juice

But we do know that some of these supplements have shown to deal with common colds and other lung diseases.

With many cafes closed, take this opportunity to eat healthy foods at home such as oranges, fruits, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, red peppers, sweet potatoes, fish, beans, butter, yellow and tea.

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These foods may be useful for adults who eat a small amount of these foods and who are more at risk of developing Covid-19 disease.
Poor nutrition

Second experience from other epidemics clearly shows that people who eat poor nutrition are more at risk of contracting the virus.

They can also be sick for a long time and even lose their life. In this outbreak to feed people at risk of contracting the virus is more important.

And finally apart from age, the risk of Covid-19 infections and deaths is high among people suffering from other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
This condition weakens the heart’s ability to cope with hypertension while diabetes weakens the immune system.

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