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Eventually the secret will be revealed in connection with Micheal Jackson’s voice-Read the Report


Michael Jackson will be best remembered for his soft voice that echoed my ears every time he sang either on the stage or when his songs were played on air by various stations.

But have you ever wondered why MJ as he was known to fans had such a lyrical voice that what made him decide to have that voice? So his personal therapist Conrad Murray has said that before the artist met his fate in 2009, he informed him that his adoptive father advised him to undergo a sound repair so he could sing for many years and have more fans. Murray relates that Jackson underwent a voice changer called Chemical Castration that made him sound unique.

Dr Murray, who was incarcerated in connection with Jackson’s death, said the artist told him that he had been given hormones by a foster father to achieve a larger population, and ordered him to never tell anyone the secret because it was an agreement between [Jackson] and his father Joe.

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Murray has published his first book in which he has narrated the life of Micheal Jackson as an artist and even when he met his death about 11 years.

“I was surprised after Jackson told me that, maybe the hormones he was on were the ones that made him dance the way he was playing. He told Murray.

Jackson is best remembered for providing many music albums and for the way he played those pop songs.


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