Joho’s Food Donation Unfit for Ramadhan-Woman Rants [VIDEO]

A woman in Mombasa tore into Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho over his food donations as Muslims worldwide commenced celebrating the Ramadan festival on Thursday, April 23.

In a video shared widely on social media, the woman’s voice is heard in the background, asking Joho if the food donation appropriate or the festival.

The donations delivered to her house included rice, maize floor and cooking oil from the Joho Foundation in conjunction with the Suleiman Foundation.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho (right) during the launch of a food drive in Mombasa County in April 2020

Alhamdulillah, hiki ni chakula cha kuliwa Ramadani?  Nani hata wewe kuliko ulikozaliwa Gavana mpaka saizi ulikula chakula hicho Ramadani. Kabla ukue Gavana mpaka hivi leo ulikula chakula hiki Ramadani. (Praise be to Allah. Is this food meant for Ramadan. Joho, since you were born and since you became governor, have you ever eaten such food on Ramadan?)

Unga wa sima na pojo watu hula Ramadani? Mbona unataka kututia pressure, tuna masukari na utuongezee na pressure. Twagongewa mlango adisia kuletewa unga wa sima na pojo. Hakuna sukari wala unga wa ngano. (On Ramadan, do we eat Ugali and Rice? Why do you want to heap more pressure on us? Your people knock our doors at night to deliver maize floor and rice? There is neither sugar nor wheat flour in your deliveries,” the woman complained.

Joho and Mombasa tycoon Suleiman Shahbal
“What the county government is proposing is fantastic. It is a noble initiative that will cushion the most vulnerable members of society who have to work on a daily basis during the curfew and in the event of a lockdown,” Shahbal had earlier on stated before the launch.

Joho further announced that his government planned to set aside Ksh250 million to buy food for 227,404 vulnerable households.

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