(Kenya) Sabina Chege Forced to Builds Houses for Displaced Families

  • Murang’a County Woman Representative Sabina Chege is building a house for two families in Murang’a displaced by accidents. 

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Thursday, April 23, the legislator confirmed that she had embarked on the projects after she was drawn to the plight of the two families, one who had the house razed down and others whose house was destroyed by a mudslide.

    “Yesterday we took food items to one of the two families and when we went there, we found the locals already attempting to rebuild the house, but they were rebuilding using mud.

    A team sent by Sabina Chege visits the razed down house in Murang’a on April 22, 2020.


  • “This means then that if it rains again, there is the possibility of the house coming down because the other house destroyed by the mudslide was made of the very same mud.

    “We are planning to build them a house, even if it is one made of iron sheets, so that when it rains again, it will not affect the household as it has now,” Chege stated.

    The legislator further informed that the house she had chosen to work on was just one of the many that had been affected by floods owing to the general slope of the area which is prone to landslide.

    She called for the intervention of both the county and national government to ensure that the situation changes for other people who have already been affected or will be affected in the near future.

    She faulted the way the county government was handling victims affected by floods in the region and urged for better means to solve the problem once and for all.

    “We need to see the government step in because the majority of the people affected by landslides cannot go back to their lands given the frequency of such unfortunate occurrences.

    “The last time there was such an occurrence, the affected families camped in schools before being sent out when the schools reopened and were then told to get rental houses in the shopping centres.

    “That was not a permanent solution. The county government had said that it would give the affected people land but it is yet to fulfill the promise. The county commissioners are however following up on it,” Sabina informed.

    She insisted that the government must come up with permanent solutions for landslide victims because people were losing properties year-on-year and had nowhere else to go to.

    “We built a house for another lady in Murarangia in Kiharu, but when the other rains came, it was washed away again, so it is a very tricky situation,” she stated.

    Members of the family whose house was razed down on April 23, 2020.

    Members of the family whose house was razed down on April 23, 2020.