(Kenya) Trevor Noah Features Sonko on His Show [VIDEO]

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Wednesday, April 23, made it to US late-night television as he appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.

The governor was featured over his controversial move to provide city residents with Covid-19 care packages containing small bottles of Hennessy cognac, among other essential food items and toiletries.

The Popular South African comedian joked about the governor’s shenanigans, further complimenting his sense of style.

With Sonko’s plan having made international headlines, The Daily Show included a report from CNN on the governor’s inclusion of alcohol as ‘throat sanitiser’ as well as part of Sonko’s speech.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko addresses a press conference on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Daily Mail

Noah hilariously questioned the governor’s false claim that the cognac had Coronavirus-killing properties.

“Drinking Hennessy might help you with many things; it can help you dance better, it can help you relax, and it can probably help you try a Busta Rhymes song at Karaoke.

“But the one thing it will not do is help you cure Coronavirus. First of all its not 70% alcohol, it’s only 40% which is too low to kill the virus, and no matter how strong it is, drinking alcohol does not kill viruses,” he stated.

Referencing Sonko’s Kenzo t-shirt and the bright yellow jacket he wore in his viral press briefing, however, Trevor Noah complimented the Governor’s fashion.

“While this governor’s health advice isn’t great, I’ve got to admit his Corona fashion game is pretty strong man.

“I mean, look at that, huh? Look at that. He looks like the most Florida man in Africa. The last king of NASCAR.

“He looks like a transformer who got stuck,” Noah stated while mimicking sounds from the hit movie franchise Transformers.

Before the national government through the Interior Ministry banned all uncoordinated distribution of food and other donations, Sonko had began delivering the food packages to various households.

“I think it has created some mixed reactions, why am I giving some small bottles of Hennessy in the food packs that we give to our people.

“I think from the research which has been conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and various health organisations, it has been revealed that alcohol plays a very major role in killing the Coronavirus or any sort of virus.

“If you take any sanitiser and check the alcoholic content, you’ll find out each sanitiser has above 70% of alcohol content,” Sonko had stated in his press briefing.

The move was, however, met by criticism from medical experts and the Ministry of Health who reiterated that alcohol did not kill Covid-19.

The cognac manufacturer was forced to issue a statement asserting that neither their brand nor other alcohol brands kill Coronavirus after a video of Sonko’s briefing began circulating around the world.

Sonko was featured in the ‘International News’ segment of The Daily Show, sandwiched between reports from North Korea and Germany.

Watch Sonko’s appearance on the Daily Show below:

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