Navy Kenzo Comes With A New Album Soon

Popular music group from Tanzania; Navy Kenzo is getting ready to return with the arrival of their new album, the third in a row after AIM (Above Inna Minute) came out in 2017. The hitmakers like INSIDE, KATATIA, GAME, and FELLA have quieted you down for a while, leaving you one by one without their fans to know what their musical arrangements have been like, but soon people who were close to those artists

they said there was a lot of good to expect from the group as they are on their way

releasing their new album that will reflect the changes they have made throughout the period

their silence.

“They have been winning the studio a lot and a lot of the time they have been

using it to record their new works. Initially they had to release an EP

Project but as they stayed and through their stock of songs they found themselves

it makes it difficult for them to make decisions to complete the EP and

giving fans a project with a few songs as they need to

something too great from them as compensation for their silence. So

the idea of ​​releasing the EP as a little pause. Right now the power

their major is set to launch a full-project

it would satisfy fans that their silence was not for

free… ”

It is unclear how many songs or songs they will have, except the people who are

near the group, they say it’s a project that will satisfy the thirst for Navy music

Temporarily missing item:

“You know Navy Kenzo are not loud people, they are often

they let their music work on their behalf. Except if it is

recording, they’re recording too much or should I say they’ve been recording too much.

If you stay in the studio there on Nahreel you won’t miss the intense dance. They have

so much music, every day they try to record new things and

different new ideas to get something better. This project

the new one is very labor intensive; ranging from sound to music, production,

vibes, and his movements. They have worked hard. Navy Kenzo know.

2019 was a year of many good things for Navy Kenzo, they released

several songs including FELLA with over 1,800,000 views online

YouTube, MAGICAL with over 350,000 views and ROLL IT with more views

350,000 of which all these works were part of the group

it takes a whole new direction of their music and is probably more focused on the market ahead

an act that also gave them the opportunity to take part in a major music festival

Africa; AFRO NATION GHANA were the result enabled the group

developing relationships with other African artists, some of whom we can

expect to see them on their new project:

“Ghana was a great experience for them, connections

made between them and other artists who went to participate in

The festival shows how they have the opportunity to do things

very large. AFRO NATION GHANA wasn’t the only one to go to the premiere

but to create opportunities for collaboration in the music industry and

artists and producers there, and hopefully few of them will be there

on the album. They’ve done something really great on this project. This is not the case

just a Navy Kenzo project, it’s a project for fans, music stakeholders and

people in Africa and around the world who love good music, especially good

African music. Keep pursuing them and you will see. ”

Recently also Navy Kenzo through their Instagram LIVE had Parent Willy

We are the most popular radio presenter from Kenya and in their conversations

contribute to the renovation of the music studio “8hoodmusic” which helps raise the talent

artists living in poor conditions and surroundings in Kibera, Kenya; the group

was asked about their plans for this year and said they were preparing to leave

new project in June; –

The Navy Kenzo personally have not yet made a formal statement regarding this; except the nearest and

the group says we should stay tuned and look forward to a new project from the group

favorite music from Tanzania soon.

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