PHOTO: Two Brothers Kidnaps Cousin And Kills Him For Ksh 200,000 See How It Happened



We are all aware of the Kidnapping and Killing that’s going on everywhere.

A young girl was kidnapped by a gang of
armed robbers, they took her to the bush to kill her and take some of her body parts for rituals.

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While in the bush, she remember the lesson they always learnt at Sunday school about God the LION OF JUDAH and she cried, shouting lion of JUDAH suddenly a female lion heard a voice screaming and followed the voice, when one of the robbers who kept guard of the young girl saw the lion coming he ran away knowing that the lion will kill the girl
but surprisingly the lion went to where the
girl was and laid down.

Minutes later, the other two robbers that
went to get their car came, they saw the lion and the girl together, they started running and the lion followed them and ate them and walked back to the bush gently.

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My Jesus! Who is calling on God this Day? 2 minutes from the time you Type # Amen those responsible for your delay shall be eaten up by this lion..


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