TikTok Dance Queen Azziad Nasenya Rejected Again! Diamond Platinumz’s Wasafi TV Job Offer

Today I have a lot of interesting and exciting news for you now if you’re ugandan today we are crossing to Kenya now our king and sister Azziad Nasenya has finally done it again she has turned it down.

Diamond Platnumz and of course she had her own reasons, that I’m gonna break down for you now what is in the news is that oddness Nasenya after winning or after becoming, popular last week.

She was offered a job yes it was a job offer to go and join was Wasafi TV she was offered a job to work at was a free TV by the manager of that particular particular TV and was a free TV, of course belongs to Diamond Platnumz years.

You had me right there was uh Phoebus now apparently the Tik-Tok queen says that she cannot walk with Diamond Platnumz saying that them and is a bean eater and disrespects women that’s how she blasted him she went I hate to say that in addition she said that she does not respect women and this came after of course the the phone call.

Now na Sonia is an upcoming actress for those of you who didn’t know she’s a journalist and also a content creator she recently gained the fame when she posted a TikTok video of herself dancing to automata with Utawezana song by Mejja and Femi One.

As sadness Azziad Nasenya said she is super good at acting in both theater and film remember she’s just 19 years old you can imagine now she’s offering a broadcast, journalism at the king an institute of mass communication for those of you who didn’t know therefore to put a lot of mega job opportunities up front for the 19 year old you know she said no she cannot take all the jobs including the one that damn and Diamond’s is offering her.

Always offering ham now she says diamond platnumz manager reached out to her involving or inviting her to work with Wasafi TV surprisingly without deep thinking she declined the job opportunity.

So she said that she of course she went ahead to say that she really thunk the bongo best media for granting has such an awesome opportunity and recognition however therefore, she doesn’t take it for granted but she said, she’s really really made a strong decision as a woman because she hates regrets in her life.

That’s what she did post well she says many job opportunities have come and already for hi including that but of course very very very very, many job opportunities have come her way she says she will not rush because she’s not so desperate for a job she has first cyber bullying from all social media platforms.

She really doesn’t know why people would look for old pictures among many other things to blackmail her even in calls that she recently received really really weird, calls from strangers after of course her number was leaked to the media or was leaked in the media so there has been really quite a lot going on in Azziad Nia’s life.

But anyway all we wish I is the best but turning down this job opportunity for me as a journalist was really uncalled for she would have doubled all to see that she takes this job up what is what are your thoughts about this please go into the comment section and leave a comment below.

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