Are these 12 behaviors really what keep women from getting married?

Hello dear welcome back to our most popular website, Our topic for today is Is it true that these 12 behaviors are what keep women from getting married? Review these points then and don’t forget to leave your comment below or you can click here to comment. LET’S TALK: Are these 12 behaviors really what keep women from getting married?

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1. The desire for riches, money and possessions without realizing that things are sought after, here many lose their stars by rejecting the many with a modest income and making it easy for the owners who unfortunately most of them are not brokers but just hooligans and luxury people and eating duck in town

2. Contempt, arrogance, pride and arrogance that is when everyone approaches you and tries to talk to you you start to raise and lower him and then you have a crush. Many end up losing you knowing that you have either despised them or that you already have your partner which is why so many sticks.

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3. You don’t have Sundays or Fridays, that is, you do not go to church or mosque, you do not pray or pray to God, surely the hooligans must find a place for you and play with you until you are as old as a second-hand child. GOD IS A GREAT PILLAR OF BLESSING if you ask Him He will surely prevent you from entering the mouths of bears and hyenas who are stalking you and coming as ANGELS. He will give you insight into recognizing and attacking them in advance.

4. Wear strange strange clothes like changudoa. I don’t know who told you that you are so cute! You find a girl dressed as a dancer in a Casino show, that is, if you pass a dress that shows everything, bowing down is absolutely horrible, that is, it exposes everything outside in that style, who will take you to them?

5. Putting on a strange color on the face like a flame or a flame at first just scares us.

6. For the sake of simplicity or self-esteem, recommend it to men, that is, if you are a little touched, let’s go.

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7. Have about 500 pictures on Facebook, Twitter etc. and then the pictures themselves are vague, that is, they have been shot in a strange dress or pose, once you have opened your hips, once your belly, once your mouth, Haaaaa!

8. Whatever you do then you rush to post an example on a Facebook account your or Instagram and so on even if you go to the toilet then you must post.

9. He is a man of words, that is, everything you see you speak and speak, you do not break! what woman.

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10. You have no idea of ​​sustainable goals that is in your head is full of gossip just I do not know what Wema Sepetu has done today? I don’t know Kim, Lupita has done such and other nonsense.

11. Tanks. That is, the next day after you are seduced you start “honey I want a galaxy” Htc “Huawei” once baby I have seen beautiful clothes once ooh baby that is hunger hurts “, you will accompany your partner’s wedding until you are marked.

12. Another characteristic is irresponsibility and a tendency to just sit and receive or everything to be helped.

Eventually you grow a burden now.

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