Uganda Communications Commission Wants Google to Clash Several YouTube Channels

The Uganda Communications Regulatory Commission (UCC) has written a letter to the US company Google, demanding that the company shut down several television stations that broadcast its broadcasts via You tube.

Among those stations is Ghetto TV, owned by the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine.

The UCC wants about 13 stations that broadcast its broadcasts live on You tube, shut down on the grounds that they have violated the laws and ethics of information in Uganda.

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The UCC’s letter to Google states that “Uganda’s communications commission has received a number of complaints from government officials including the interior minister, national security chairman, police and the country’s army over the information being broadcast by the You tube and that they are broadcasting information that violates the Ugandan Communications Act, 2013 and the Broadcasting Act of 2019, Article 8 Part 2.

” Television mentioned in the UCC letter include TMO Online, Lumbuye Fred, Trending Channel Ug, Uganda Yaffe, Uganda News Updates, Ghetto TV, Busesa Media Updates, Uganda Empya, Map Media TV, KK TV, Ekyooto TV, Namungo Media, JB Muwonge and Bobi Wine 2021.

The letter alleges that the televisions on the You tube network, were used to spread the recent unrest in Uganda which resulted in several deaths and property damage. It goes on to say that they are used “to spread false information and distortions in order to mislead society, with the aim of stirring up strife on ethnic and political grounds.”

The letter adds that the information and views broadcast by these stations “are biased, depicting the bodies of the dead, seriously injured, traumatized and can cause great social unrest.”

The UCC claims that the You tube televisions do not have a license to broadcast information in Uganda.

According to Article 27 of the Uganda Content Act, no one is allowed to broadcast information without the license of the country’s communications commission and anyone who does so can be sentenced to one year in prison, pay a fine or pay a fine and one year imprisonment.

“Therefore, in accordance with the Communications Act of 2013 No. 5 (1) (b), (j), (x), 6 and 45, the Commission wants Google to completely shut down those stations,” says a UCC letter to Google. .

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