MUSIC AUDIO | Bobi Wine – Tulonde | MP3 Download

MUSIC AUDIO | Bobi Wine – Tulonde | MP3 Download

Tulonde Lyrics

This is a clarion call to
all fellow
Ugandans, all of you that
registered to vote
the 14th of January this
Thursday is the deciding
time; this is the
opportunity that we
have to usher in a
New Uganda, this an
election that is historical and revolutionary.
So am reminding
all of you fellow
Ugandans to turn up in large,

large numbers and vote and make sure you protect your vote
because this is
history in making
Let us all come out and cast our vote.

We are non-violent but we are democratic, we are
many and if we
come out in
large numbers and vote we
can be able to redefine the future of our country

Remember bw’ogenda okulonda LONDA Manvuuli kekabonero ketuyimiriddeko

Remember when you go to
choose the symbol of the
and you will be choosing
Liberation, you will be choosing Freedom.


(Tugende, Bana Uganda Tulonde)
Jukiza Munooowo
(one day ….egwanga lyaffe likyuke)
Remember dat
(Tugende, Bana Uganda Tulonde)
bagambe abeeyo…
(one day ….egwanga lyaffe likyuke)

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