Iyabo Ojo talks about mental stress

Nigerian actor in the English Nollywood and Yoruba films by the name of Iyabo Ojo for the first time has talked about how he struggled with stress especially after his marriage broke up.

The actress was a trader on Instagram where she revealed that her ex-husband teased her repeatedly for not being beautiful especially after she gave birth to children.

It was then that she began to change her skin color to white so that she could impress her husband but things did not change and she decided to end the marriage.

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He says he turned to alcohol and was in the entertainment scene all the time as a way to seek to forget his problems.

“Every time I found myself alone in my room, I was just saying bad things to myself. As much as I am not enough, I have failed in the marriage that my mother-in-law failed. I’m not beautiful anymore. ” Said Iyabo.

In the video, Iyabo appeared to advise women whose marriages have failed not to be afraid to leave for their mental health.

He says many are afraid to leave their abusive husbands because they are lazy and cannot afford to raise their children on their own and that is why he advised them to be wise to earn an income.

According to him, marriage is not something to hold on to even when it is as difficult as African society thinks.

Iyabo revealed that he dropped out of school for the upbringing of his children as they were very important to him.

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