KLM Launches Video ‘God Help’ Says Africa’s Liberation Is Right Now

Earlier this week Hiphop Artist Kaa la Moto (KLM) unveiled a video known as ‘God Help’.

Although the video produced by Qamah is new, the song is one of the ones on the ‘Case’, an album he released in July 2019.

The soft voice adorning ‘God Help’ is that of Queen Vivonce the budding artist.

In ‘God Help’ KLM has to say things are going wrong and ask Karima complex questions such as why has democracy become ‘democracy’? What is the difference between contraception and abortion? Why have the sons of religious leaders become prostitutes? Why is the war on terror becoming more of a trade? How will we end the desire of African countries to borrow east and west countries?

Why don’t the poor stop begging? Speaking of leadership, he wonders if Ronald Ngala’s generosity nudity is a barrier to increasing their influence in the country and benefiting the lives of coastal residents.

Kenyan history quotes Ronald Ngala and Oginga Odinga who resigned, saying President Jomo Kenyatta, Bildad Kagia, Ramogi Achieng Onek, Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai and Kungu Karumba must have been released from prison in Kapenguria between 1952 and 1953.

KLM denies that the ‘God I Pray’ video was delayed. He reminds us that in 2020 there was a Corona virus that made him consider selling the ‘Case’ album worldwide.

The ‘Case’ album was produced by OUTSIDE The Beach Records, Sango of Malinda Records, Okoth Oyiera and Teknixx.

The refinement was done by Hiphop music legend Chizn Brain who is temporarily based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Other videos made from the ‘Case’ album are ‘Traveler’ and ‘Nine’ and the paintings on the gwanda were done by Ciro G.

Late last year so far KLM has been featured in other videos like ‘Sun’ featuring Viquee and Select Fikra of Angaza Zetu, a former hiphop band from Mombasa; and ‘Last Warriors’ which brought together artists from East Africa led by the Task Force, Trabolee, Trabolee, Kayvo Kforce and Romi Swahili.

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