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Longtime musician in Tanzania who is also a politician Professor Jay by real name Joseph Haule has given advice to musicians in Tanzania.

The advice was given on the topic of “Free School” and then he wrote “You do not have to sing insults and bedbugs every day to make your song great and popular, but you can sing a song with good lessons for the community and stakeholders hold your hand at the highest level. Together we can save this generation. ”

Jay seems to be stuck with the values ​​that existed in the music industry since they started music.

His efforts to restore morale seem to be in line with those of various government agencies in Tanzania such as BASATA.

Professor Jay has recently returned to music after a break of more than five years while serving as Mikumi constituency MP. His song with Stamina by the name Baba continues to do well on social media.

It touches on the relationship between a boy and his father and morals in general.

The boy is dishonoring his father because of poverty and later his father reveals to him that he is not his biological father but a foster father.

Shortly after the song was released, news broke about musician Diamond Platnumz’s father and many wondered if Jay and Stamina had any information about it.

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