Rawbeena opens a women-only studio

Kenyan musician Rawbeena has revealed that he plans to launch a music recording studio that will cater only to female musicians.

The woman, who is currently living in Finland or in Finland, says she has bought all the necessary equipment and only the building.

He says he doesn’t want to rent a house for that reason so he plans to buy a farm and build a studio.

Rawbeena who is the younger sister of Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa was interviewed by a local newspaper where she also said that she has found herself living on the streets even though she has a high profile brother.

The singer of the hit song “Haijaja” which he shared with Naiboi says he understands what they are going through those who live on the streets especially women and girls and that is why he started a program to distribute sodo.

According to him, in their family everyone is self-sufficient and what he went through when he had nothing taught him to fight and make sure he gets what he needs.

He also says that the success he has achieved in the field of music so far has nothing to do with the popularity of his brother at all.

Rawbeena studied journalism at Kenya’s KIMC before moving to Finland where she is studying nursing.

A Finnish musician by the name of Kide heard of Rawbeena’s music career and gave him the opportunity to work with him and later helped him get a permit to live and work in Finland.

His album with Fena Gitu under the name “Romantic” which they launched about three years ago excited Kenyan music lovers.

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