You’re my brother, stay that way! Wendy Williams will cry for her brother

US television presenter Wendy Williams on Monday morning began her show in a way many did not expect.

She decided to respond to her brother Tommy Williams who had claimed that Wendy did not attend their mother’s funeral in December 2020.

In the You Tube video, Tommy says, “What would stop a man from attending his mother’s funeral? I don’t understand not giving the last respects to the person who was with you all the time and helped you.

How can you move on with your life as if nothing had happened? ” On Monday, January 18, 2021, Wendy said, “I was browsing social media to see what people thought about our Wendy Williams Show, and then I came across words like” Your brother doesn’t like you “and” Be very careful with your brother. ” .

Tommy let me tell you something, you are my brother, stop saying what you are saying because now they have started interfering with my work.

” Wendy, who is a comedian, seemed very upset with her brother’s words and warned her to stop behaving in a way that was not hers otherwise she would give her true words and proof.

“If you want to talk on the internet, say the words that you think you know about yourself.” he went on to say the 56-year-old presenter now and immediately turned to work where he asked the audience if they liked his outfit.

Wendy Williams had a good relationship with her late mother by the name of Mrs Williams who was involved with her on a regular basis.

At one point Wendy’s mother related how Wendy’s birth had made the whole family happy, meaning that they were going through a difficult time.

Wendy’s grandmother was suffering from gastrointestinal cancer and died a few months after her birth.

Even after being scolded on television, Tommy continues to insist that Wendy did not attend their mother’s funeral.

He says that even their father was not happy and that this is bothering him so far.

He says he deceived the family that he would travel during their mother’s funeral when he did not.

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