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Mr. Flavour needs Nigerian media to play Diamond Platnumz, Fally Ipupa melodies, not just Afrobeats


Chinedu Okolo better known by his stage name Mr. Flavour N’abania or essentially Flavor who is a musician, and multi-instrumentalist had a meeting, an intriguing one with Ebuka that got African energized.

The Enugu State local, a pleased Igbo man opened up about a great deal of stuff, about his coming up in the music business and getting brought in at a young age of 13-years to music and playing in a band.

That is the way he came to be a multi-instrumentalist entertainer.

The artist got paid 3.5 million Naira for his studio collection ‘N’Abania’ and got paid 200,000 Naira for his first show path before he delivered his hit record ‘Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)’ that assisted him with exploding in the whole African mainland.

Flavour is really a container African who values all classifications of music across Africa notwithstanding him doing highlife music, he values the Makossa, Bongo Music and can’t fold his head over the motivation behind why Nigeria media is just centered around playing one kind of music, Afrobeats.

Flavour needs Diamond Platnumz to get played in Nigeria as much as each other Afrobeats artist will get played in Nigeria.


Flavour says Africa is restricting herself by just pushing one sort of music, Afrobeats while we have othe kinds of music like Bongo, Fuji, Makosa, Lingala, Amapiano and others that will help push Africa forward. Photograph credit: Instagram/2niteflavour

The ‘Infant Na Yoka’ hitmaker needs Fally Ipupa played too and for Africa to quit putting each type inside the Afrobeats box.

Flavour who stays in his own chateau in Ikoyo had this to say about the present status in Nigerian media sustaining Afrobeats kind alone since all he needs is variety by the Nigerian media:

“My style is highlife, R&B, and contemporary jazz all mixed together like it’s a flavor, that’s my sound like it’s a mixture of everything but you can hear that highlife sound in it. I try to blend it.

Why I’m stuck with highlife is cause I want to be original, I wanna remembered for something and also adding culture to my sound is another thing.

I want you whenever you hear my sound, you can say “oh its Igbo, it’s coming from somewhere.
The moment you hear my sound, you’ll know where I’m from, I try to keep it that way because highlife is an original sound. It’s an African sound.

That’s why it gets to me when the media here in Nigeria try to portray one particular sound.
I think we’re limiting ourselves because Africa is so blessed, there are so many genres that need to be out there, it’s not just Afrobeats.

And guess what it’s not just a Nigerian thing, I’m talking about Africa. Okay, why don’t I get to hear a lot of Diamond Platnumz here? why don’t I get to hear a lot of Fally Ipupa? their sound is not Afrobeats, Diamond he has his Bongo sound you know, Fally Ipupa he has his Makosa, Lingala and he sings in his language, Diamond same.

Whenever you hear them, all you think about is East Africa. When you hear Fally Ipupa you think about the Central Africa, Congo you think about his country you understand?

So when you hear my sound, think about the eastern part of Nigeria, that’s the pride, that’s my pride but that shouldn’t limit me or the way you see, so I think media, we need to celebrate all we have, let’s not just everything.

Why are there no awards that you can see “best highlife song”, “best fuji”, “best bongo”, in Africa? why is everything Afrobeats? we’re limiting ourselves, I’m not saying Afrobeats is not great, it’s great it’s a big sound.”


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