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Japesa got himself a casket to plan for what’s to come


Japesa has ensured that he is very much dealt with, in any event when he leaves this world when it’s his opportunity to do as such.

The Luo rap ruler who has been overwhelming the amusement and music scene with uncommon design in the most brief time he’s been in the standard music scene has stunned a many individuals via web-based media with his new photograph that he shared on the web.

Japesa evidently took this action to ensure that his fans and Kenyans aggregately will not contribute cash for his family to get him a final resting place when he kicks the bucket.

“Gotten myself a casket ⚰️ simply on the off chance that nikufe msisumbuliwe na till number(bought myself a final resting place simply on the off chance that I kick the bucket you don’t get upset by till number),” Japesa shared via online media.

This signal isn’t uncommon in Africa yet a definite one in the Kenyan diversion scene.

Japesa presenting with the casket that he purchased for himself in the event that he die. He hasn’t unveil in the event that he has aims of passing on at any point in the near future, at this moment your theory is comparable to the following individual.

A couple of years prior, commended multi-gifted artist Zodwa Wabantu got herself a befitting casket that coordinates with her height that she needs to be utilized for her body once she passes on later on.

Online media clients, companions, and family have connected with the rapper who has become well known in the rap scene as outstanding amongst other Luo rappers in the country if not the best.

Japesa hasn’t shared whatever else about what’s happening in her life or why he shared that post via online media however fans, family, companions are concerned no different either way.


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