Octopizzo releases visuals for Ringa off fifth studio album

Octopizzo is back again with one more heavenly music video to coordinate with the greatness of his fifth studio collection that he delivered only a couple days prior.

Octopizzo has been reliably putting out genuine, veritable music throughout the years without yield setting the bar significantly higher each time he puts out an undertaking; both the record and the music video.

His most recent contribution named ‘Ringa’ has been removed his ‘Wilderness Fever’ studio collection gloats of heavenly visuals and a message to acknowledge.

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So far Octopizzo has delivered the authority music recordings for 5 tracks from the 15-track ‘Wilderness Fever’ studio collection which by and large has more than 2 million transfers on YouTube alone in a range of 5 months.

He dropped ‘Swaga Za Wapi’ highlighting Maga, ‘Lela’ including Suzanna Owiyo, ‘Good Morning’ highlighting Idd Aziz, ‘Karata$i’, and obviously his most recent visual contribution named ‘Ringa’ that doesn’t have any component.

Octopizzo is quite possibly the most productive rappers in Kenya today who has a dream for Kenya as well as the whole African area meeting up in light of the fact that he’s one of only a handful few standard artistes who is a Pan Afrikan continually pushing above whatever else the development of the mainland.

Octopizzo not just aided change the story in the meeting rooms about the Kenyan rap and hip bounce scene, however he likewise changed what people looked like at Kibera and individuals who came from that point, he demonstrated that even the Kibera public in fact has a comment.

Because of him, different rappers have grown out of the biggest ghettos in Africa to turn out to be the absolute best rappers and surprisingly one Yema Khalif who is the prime supporter of YEMA(based in California) saw the promising culmination of current circumstances after Octopizzo demonstrated that anyone can make it out of the hood and still reward the very neighborhood that fabricated you and made you who you are in the public arena today.

Watch or potentially transfer the authority music video for Octopizzo’s ‘Ringa’ beneath as composed and performed by the number 1 rapper from Kibera who aided put the biggest ghettos in Africa to the guide.


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