Mange Kimambi Laughs After President Samia Resolves Media Freedom “Given Another Five Years After Finishing”

After President Samia’s speech, Mange Kimambi said:

From @mangekimambi_ Jamani amkeniiiiiiiiii Tanzania dictatorship is over. Democracy is backiiiiiiiii. Uwiiii colleague and data know .

President Samia Uwiiiiiiiii will now make me look for the ashes of my CCM card that I burned and send it to Gwajima to revive my card.

Uwiiiiiii Uwiii Mama Samia this is all we ever wanted.

This was the only thing that brought tears to our eyes as patriots who were not flags. Only freedom mother.

Uwiiiiiiiiii Dear mother Samia I call you facetime to see me crying tears of joy.

Hey, I don’t have your number Uwiiiii five more to President Samia. Again in the CCM men should calm down in the contest for 2025, the mother and she should be given the honor of being given a second term without members of her party running.

If the honor you gave to any previous presidents to be given a second term without contesting within the party and the mother to be given the same honor, let her pass.

I say these five more to Samia akeeeeeeeee, let us fix the country.

Uwiiii Mama Samia will make people come back to the party.

Shout out to Samia akeeeeeeeeee Mama La Mama  Mother of the nation Uwiiiiiiiiiiii fellow today I give it alleeeee

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