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AUDIO | Rayvanny – Nyamaza

AUDIO | Rayvanny - Nyamaza
Rayvanny Nyamaza | PHOTO
AUDIO | Rayvanny - Nyamaza
Rayvanny Nyamaza | PHOTO

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WBC represent Rayvanny on a new single titled “Nyamaza” a massage to Harmonize after sending Paula nudes pictures.

Wasafi endorser Rayvanny has blamed Harmonize for sending bare pictures to Paula Kajala, little girl of his ex Frida Kajala.

In a long Insta Post, Rayvanny said it’s stunning to see Harmonize tempt the youthful Paula only weeks after he addressed him (Rayvanny) for engaging in extramarital relations with her.

Rayvanny proceeded to release Harmonize’s private visits with Paula Kajala, encouraging him to request pardoning from the general population for humiliating himself by sending nudes to Paula.

He added that it’s dishonorable to need to date Kajala and her girl simultaneously (mother and little girl).

In February, Harmonize likewise brought out Rayvanny over his supposed relationship with Paula Kajala, little girl to his now ex-darling Frida Kajala.

At that specific time, he said Rayvanny was out to demolish Paula’s life to the detriment of his blooming music profession.

He added that Vanny Boy picked to date Paula out of desire since he was dating her mom.

Rayvanny apologized to Frida Kajala for over-association with her little girl Paula Kajala.

Orchestrate and entertainer Kajala have since separated and the entertainer has erased all photographs with the vocalist.

They began dating early this year.

As indicated by Rayvanny, Harmonize commended him even to his companions who are MPs with the expectation of discoloring his standing as a performer.

In the melody Chui clarifies that he discovered Paula appealing, asked her for companionship and she concurred and furthermore recounts the tale of an elephant that is kept in a shed where she needs to eat chickens and chicks.

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He appeals to Harmonize to God to pardon him as he resembles his sibling and to diminish the seriousness and aggression disgraceful.

Listen, Nyamaza by Rayvanny. Download link available below.



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