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    Kennedy Ombima, popular known by his stage names King Kaka a.k.a Rabbit Kaka Sungura was born 7 May 1987 in Nairobi, Kenya, is a Kenyan rapper. As a Kenyan musician, the renown star has majored in Hip-Hop music with a strong base in spoken word-rap oral prose and poetry. He works as a songwriter, video editor also a director, and executive dj-mastering producer in his own music production-studio, The Kaka Empire recording label.

    King Kaka
    King Kaka photo Credit: Instagram

    Kaka met Jorma Taccone, a member of The Lonely Island in February 2011 when Taccone visited Nairobi, Kenya as part of his trip for AFAR Magazine’s “Spin the Globe”.

    Sungura collaborated with Taccone to create a rap video that has over 1.2 million views. Taccone later wrote an article for AFAR Magazine documenting the experience with Sungura.

    In 2012, Rabbit launched his own clothing line dubbed Niko Kwa Jam Nakam.

    King Kaka Age

    The star, Kaka Sungura as stage name King Kaka was born on May 7, 1987, in Nairobi, Kenya. He is 33 years old as of May 2020.

    King Kaka Wife

    Ombima is currently married to Carter Ninifelly Owiti aka Nana Owiti. She still recalls the first line the King rapper had on her the first time they met, “For real i love your toes”.

    King Kaka Tribe

    Sungura/Rabbit is of the Kenyan Luo Tribe from Kisumu.

    King Kaka Family

    Kennedy aka King Kaka was born to Mr. & Mrs. Ombima. However, his dad dies while he was still a young boy before his fame in Nairobi, Kenya. This made her month struggle with his upbringing something that will never get off his memory. It is evident that King Kaka has mentioned her mother on many occasion thanking her for the struggles she made to see him succeed.

    Music Career

    With his 17-track album Tales of Kaka Sungura already out, Kaka stated that he was solely focused on promoting the album as well as shooting a few videos.

    “I cannot do another album until late next year. I give my all when I compile an album, that’s why I won’t rush into another album project.” In November 2012, he released a music video for his song “Adisia”.

    Apart from his successful music career, Kaka is also a businessman and in early September 2015 he launched his purified water company known as Kaka Empire’s Majik Water using his music brand name as the official name of the product.

    He was married to Nana, with whom he has two children.

    King Kaka Latest Music Video

    King Kaka “Dont Call Me” Video featuring Pascal Tokodi

    DOWNLOAD MP3 King Kaka Ft Pascal Tokodi – Don’t Call Me