Mnarudia Mistari Sanaa!! We need quality Music, Maina Kageni and Jalang’o urge Kenyan musicians

Khaligraph Jones (left) and Naiboi. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Khaligraph Jones (left) and Naiboi. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Mnarudia Mistari Sanaa!! We need quality Music, Maina Kageni and Jalang’o urge Kenyan musicians. 

After several musicians and showbiz players expressed their frustration at Kenyan media houses over what they claim is allocation of inadequate airplay for their music.

The discussion started by Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones, after he offered to pay tickets for Kenyan artists to tour Nigeria and see if the fans will recognize them there.

Naiboi re-shared the post, adding that he was sponsoring five more for the trip.

Naiboi re-shared Khaligraph’s post

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Sauti Sol :Mentor Them Says Jalang’o

Sauti Sol Crew | PHOTO SCENE

It is with no doubt Sauti Sol are among the most successful Kenyan musicians and Jalang’o wants the group to share their secret with other Kenyan musicians instead of demanding airplay.

Sauti Sol’s Bien took to social media to show his support to musicians demanding Kenyan music to be given priority when it comes to airplay on radio and TV in the country.

“Kenyan music always comes with the word support. When you play Beyonce are you supporting her? I don’t know. Don’t support Kenyan music. Consume it, live it. It’s great,” Bien posted.

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Jalang’o to Bien: Be the mentor

Jalang’o replied to Bien urging them to mentor other musicians instead of crying out for Kenyan music to be given 100% airplay.

The Milele FM presenter (Jalong’o) urged Sauti Sol to share their secret with other musicians in order for them to prosper in the music industry.

Milele FM presenter – Jalong’o | PHOTO

Sauti Sol’s Bien replied saying;

“@jalangoo I agree. People must work. I can equally attest that you are one hard working guy. But now all this is beyond us. It’s about what our kids will inherit. Let’s all play our parts but let’s give US priority. Mcheza kwao hutunzwa.”

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Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni condemns Kenyan artistes on poor music. 
Classic 105 Radio presenter Maina Kageni | PHOTO

“Editor ndio predator, manager ndio damager, producer ndio reducer, promoter ndio demoter, publisher ndio punisher, this is Kenya,” Maina Kageni’s poetic message to Kenyan Musicians.

But in his response to Daddy Owen, the Classic 105 breakfast show host wrote:

“I agree!!!!! But tell your contemporaries to give us content that will PUSH foreigners off our playlists…. you are highly rotated… advise them what they need to do to be the next
@daddyowen .”

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