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Please Please Advice Me For This Decision I Went To My Husband


Please Please Advice Me For This Decision I Went To My Husband

I am married for 15 years now and we have been born to children 4.

When our marriage reached 4-5 years my husband laughed, seized him through the most sms but later he confessed and apologized for forgiveness.

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We have continued to live and when I found the third child again, this journey was abroad, and when he confessed and apologized, I pardoned.

When I was pregnant the fourth child conceived me, the worst thing he was doing with a girl’s stomach girl gave her pregnancy.

So when I’m pregnant with the girl girl with her pregnant (although I did not know if the girl girl was pregnant since she left home) I later realized that the baby’s former girl is my husband’s

As usual she apologized for this trip until she screamed and cried so I could forgive her … and since I still loved her and I patiently tolerated her and decided to forgive her again … when we talked to her many terms and agreed to all the terms I gave her.

She did not really have a good conscience. about that baby .. and we lived a happy life because he was very concerned about me and he really seemed to be amerigrate.

Astonishing recent times has changed dramatically, has become a secret and does not say anything about the outsider …

These days he sends secretly and he also secretly communicates with the baby’s mother does not tell me anything.

When I saw the change I decided to ask him to come back again to see the secret again when we agreed everything to be open?

He did not answer me unless he was sharp and stubborn and said that query we had to do with it I do not want to hear it again.

When I tried again the other day to ask him and the answer is that, he simply does not want to stop talking about that matter …

Now I wonder why he’s doing the secret? if nothing bad does then hide what? it means there is nothing more than a baby.
Now the German I have decided as follows:

1. And I have decided to have outdoor

Relations, do not blame me for me and I need to be swallowed up and briefly comforted by the endless mastress, I have never kissed my husband in all marriages. but now he will forgive me only if he knows or do not care, I am ready for anything.

2. I do not plan to leave the house we built

Together I will stay here because I do not like my children with one parent … the kids do not know what’s going on in fact even relatives and relatives do not know anything because I have not told them and I have never explained my problems in the …

A blessed family and happy lkn themselves are what we know in what to do

3. Because I’m not discussing my problems

With relatives and friends I’ve decided to put here maybe I’ll lose something on the head because sometime I feel like I’m supposed to have such thoughts.

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